Mobile device management (MDM) and mobile threat detection (MTD) solutions provide security for mobile devices, but use different, and complementary, techniques. Both MTD and MDM operate with a client app on the mobile device and a server- or cloud-based management application.

Below are the features of each type of mobile security solution:

What is MDM?
Mobile device management provides basic security management of the device and enforces security policies. Some of the core functions of mobile device management are:

  • Enforcing consistent security management policies on devices
  • Updating equipment, applications, functions, and policies
  • Monitoring equipment and application performance
  • Tracking equipment and status (e.g., location, status, ownership, and activity)
  • Providing device remote diagnosis and troubleshooting
  • Remotely wiping files from a stolen or lost device
  • Auditing for regulatory compliance
  • Encrypting email and files
  • Creating separate and secured environments for work and personal device use

What is MTD?
Mobile threat detection products focus on network- and behavior-based threats. For instance, an MTD solution can detect man-in-the-middle attacks over Wi-Fi or identify suspicious device behavior. MTD is designed to detect malware and potentially harmful mobile applications as well as mobile phishing attacks. It can also remediate issues in a variety of ways, including the termination of a connection if it identifies a problem. At a more technical level, a mobile threat detection solution can:

  • Monitor a device’s configuration and system parameters and look for suspicious activity, such as the modification of system libraries
  • Check the integrity of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections and website certificates and deactivate suspicious connections
  • Diagnose applications that may be “leaking” user data and detect potentially malicious apps through reputation scanning, code analysis, and malware filtering

Together, MTD and MDM solutions provide strong security for mobile devices and the network and applications that they access.

Solutions such as McAfee MVISION Mobile integrate with MDM applications and exchange alerts when security policies are breached. MVISION Mobile leverages machine learning and behavioral analysis to identify problems with applications, device settings, phishing, and network-based attacks.

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