Employees often use their own devices to access work applications and data. The Endpoint Protection and Response: SANS Survey found that over 60% of organizations allow employee-owned mobile devices to access their networks. Unfortunately, less than 45% of the organizations include the employee devices in the organization’s security management program. To make matters worse, employees may use these unsecured devices over public wireless networks. This combination puts an organization’s network and data at risk of malware infection and data breaches.

Privacy concerns are one reason employers may not include employee devices in an organization’s security management program. However, most MDM and MTD solutions can separate the work applications and data of a mobile device from the personal side. With this firewall between the two, there is less risk of infringing on employee privacy.

This division is accomplished through user roles or personas that define the user’s access privileges to work applications and data. For example, a C-level executive persona may provide one set of privileges and application access, while personas for payroll managers, marketing specialists, and sales people may provide different access rights and resources. Personas operate either in containers—lightweight environments that share the device’s operating system and resources—or in virtual machines that split the device’s resources in half and may run different operating systems. An IT department can create and manage a work persona on one side of the device while leaving the other side for personal activities. When an employee leaves an organization, IT can wipe the work persona clean without affecting other content or settings.

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