Cortelco Monitoring Services

Perfect for customers who need access to NOC engineers to help ensure the health, availability and performance of IT infrastructure on a 24X7 basis.  Count on our services to review alarms, filter for false alarms, and escalate issues to your team.  You can customize monitoring thresholds, configuring notification and escalation policies. You maintain complete control over usage, data collection and end user interaction.


  • 24/7 monitoring of performance, availability and health check
  • Best practices of software and operational configurations
  • Updates and upgrades

  • Troubleshooting and alarm-resolution tips based on manufacturers’ best practices

  • Flexible notification options, including phone, email and text (SMS)

  • Access to CMOS Help Desk via Web Ticketing and escalation procedures

  • Direct communication and reports

  • Weekly scheduled reports

  • Monthly Webex operational status service reports and monthly executive summaries

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Cortelco Fully Managed Services

Perfect for customers who need outsourcing and to ensure the health, availability and performance of their IT infrastructure on a 24/7 basis. In addition to all the services in the Cortelco Monitoring Services level, our engineers will perform remediation alarms based on an agreed-upon set of tasks and run lists. Customers get access to the Technical Services Desk to assign tasks such as user account creation, adjusting permissions, resetting user passwords, adding printers and printer queues, etc.

Services include

  • All benefits from Cortelco Monitoring Services

  • Access to Help Desk; new user account creation, adjusting permissions, etc.

  • Technical Service Desk, through which you can assign routine tasks to our engineers

  • Backup Management and Audit Processes

  • Patch Management and others

  • Remediation of alarms based on mutually agreed workflows and best practices

  • Management Performance Indicators; define and revise key performance indicators (KPI); service usage and tendencies

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Cortelco Solutions as a Service

Perfect for customers who need to focus 100% in their core business, dedicating all the IT and Financial investment (Capex) resources in the Digital transformation of the business. We can provide the necessary solutions in Collaboration, Storage, Servers, and Security in several environments; on premise, on a Class 3 Collocation facility or hybrid. With this service, we co-manage the infrastructure you need to take your business to the next step, without the burden of managing the acquisition of new technology.

Services include

  • Collaboration/PBX as a Service

  • Contact Center as a Service

  • Storage and Backup as a Service

  • Servers as a Service

  • Next Generation Firewall as a Service

  • End Point Protection as a Service

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a Service

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