Mobile device management and mobile threat detection are the two most common types of mobile security solutions and offer complementary features. This article series will summarize the two types of technologies and why both of them are important in defending mobile devices from digital threats.

As mobile devices have become ubiquitous, employees are increasingly using them for work as well as personal activities. They use their mobile phones and tablets to read emails, share files, access client information, use mobile applications (work and personal), and video chat with colleagues.

While mobile devices improve employee productivity, they also pose a security risk. Mobile devices face numerous security threats, including:

  • Insecure or fraudulent wireless access points
  • Email-based mobile phishing campaigns
  • Malicious applications masquerading as legitimate applications
  • Device and data theft

Mobile threats are not only common, but on the rise. In its Mobile Security Index 2018, Verizon reports that in the past year, over 27% of organizations experienced a security incident involving a mobile device that resulted in data loss or system downtime.

Mobile device management (MDM) and mobile threat detection (MTD) solutions provide security tools to ensure mobile endpoint protection and safeguard the networks and applications that they access.

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