In addition to implementing MTD and MDM security solutions, organizations can improve the security of their mobile devices by following these best practices from Verizon’s Mobile Threat Index 2018 report:

  1. Create a custom app store. When employees download apps from public sites, they may gain malware in addition to the app. Employers can eliminate this threat by creating a custom app store with only “clean” apps that the IT department vets, and by preventing downloads from other sites.
  2. Develop a security policy for devices. Create a policy for employee-owned devices that includes strong password requirements and encryption.
  3. Implement automated device management. Deploy MDM and MTD solutions and implement personas to separate work data from personal activities.
  4. Provide virtual private network (VPN) software. Limit exposure to public Wi-Fi networks by installing VPN software on devices that need access to sensitive data.
  5. Increase employee awareness. Remind employees of prudent security practices and require regular training on security best practices. Employee carelessness is often the cause of data breaches, so employee education is important in improving security.

While mobile devices will continue to be a target of cyberattacks, IT organizations can significantly reduce their risk by implementing mobile device security through good security practices and up-to-date security software. A combination of mobile threat detection and mobile device management provides maximum protection for data and applications while giving employees the benefits of mobile devices.

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